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Together: The Art of Partnered Yoga


Video Description

Together-The Art of Partnered Yoga, provides an in-depth introduction to Balance Arts Partner Yoga, an exquisite form of bodywork which flows like the co-healing dance it is. Developed by Mishabae, and based upon such time-honored healing arts as hatha yoga, Thai massage, Breema and shiatsu. Balance Arts is a comprehensive vinyasa-style partnered yoga. This video explores undeveloped possibilities in Mishabae's vast repetoire of vinyasas, yielding new practices which place emphasis on the deeper union between partners, rather than on the perfection of form.

Mantras, mudras, healing touch and Asanas are all melded to create countless blissful levels of conscious contact. Movement, breath and awareness are all joined to support the flow from one posture to the next, opening the way to a mutual healing exchange that reflects the great healing traditions of the world. The effect is guaranteed to be utterly transforming.

The DVD features 122 partnered postures and related techniques taught as four unique vinyasas: Opening to Life, Chasing the Sun, Freeing the River and Deeper Down.

Extras include: a "video book" of still pictures with extra alignment tips, clear instruction throughout, some modifications for beginners, multiple menu options, as well as an original transcendental soundtrack composed by Carson Farley and performed by Mishabae and Igvald.


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Together: The Art of Partnered Yoga
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